bedroom​/​backward dirges

by beat alice/ephemeral noise

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released July 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Minor Cat Drain, Oregon

Outsider Folkist, dabbler, doer, dreamer, DIYer, dork of many trades...

anarcha queer intersectionalist
and shy small town songbird.

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Track Name: time will tell
breaking through
spirit illusion
conscious confusion
waking up
to logic, reason-
its truth, not treason

this worlds hostage
to empty promise

theres beauty,
its tragic
beyond truth & dreams

this country,
its boundless
enslaved by boundries
and greed

storms, they come
on the horizon
theres tempests arising
oh, we wait
fragiley bracing
the world were debasing

what will we hold on to
when hierarchies collapse
when natural order
returns at long last

time will tell
what our fate is
what consciousness
awaits us
Track Name: song against insomnia
here we are again
stare into the dark
listen close
to the sounds of
your beating heart

yes, youre still alive
close your eyes
the void cant hurt you now
when dreams can fill its lies

the battleground
of your own mind
can be calm
if you will the sublime

theres power
in your breath still
in the hours
your minds shrill

suspension of disbelief
is required thinking
with sleep comes respite
an elipses, not an end

lay your head and dream
the world will keep spinning
lay your head and breathe
itll be morning

anxiety is hard
it can tear at your seams
but dont give in now
there are better things to dream
Track Name: midnight lonelies
its midnight
in my heart
and it beats
on its own

the loneliness
it haunts me
like a lover
ive never known

the train it comes
but nor for me
the road it calls
but i cant leave

the sun goes down
and i am left
with the solice of myself
the sound of echoes
of mysteries

death has left me
the last of my kin

so long ive been wordless
amid my grief's din

who could love this loneliness?
the scars of my experience?

darkness is not forever
nor are illusions of
nor is the sound of nothingness
Track Name: survivals a riot, hallelu
for these moments, hallelu
brief, eternal
whats old is new

its all
whats always been
its love
and struggling

the currents

resistence is never futile
its mere survival in this crucible
of our lives constructed pain
and mechanism's slow refrain

for these moments
our brittle bodies
are holding true

its all mind/matter
were all made of earth
resist the poison
of lies weve been given

were precious in the universe
more than gold, this consciousness is worth
lets riot in our hearts today
against the forces that
make us prey