Feeling Bones

by Minor Cat

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released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Minor Cat Drain, Oregon

Outsider Folkist, dabbler, doer, dreamer, DIYer, dork of many trades...

anarcha queer intersectionalist
and shy small town songbird.

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Track Name: incinerated
engulfed, embodied
through my marrow
sear my body
soft flames
burning lust
put me out
with your touch
with your eyes
burn me bright
dont look away
lets savor the pain
Track Name: feeling bones
theres something in my feeling bones
both humor and pain
theyre made of marrow and blood alone
and the nerves around they sing
theres strength and senses in my feelins core
in my skeleton and frame
and both things things seem ever more
than what my flesh can contain

theres sprains between my feeling bones
fractures that have healed
scar tissue, it feels like home

theres something in my feeling bones
both love and distrust
they stir in darkened depths unknown
amid loneliness and lust
theres trauma in my xrayed heart
and my ribs they cage it well
as my skull protects my sense of mind
and my jaw guards words to tell

this worlds designed to anesthetize
the feelings in your bones that serve to guide

theres something in my feeling bones
a compass that spins
with directions that are cardinal
and its arrow i depend
these bones they search in restless ways
they move just like the wind
and sometimes they get heavy oh,
and they feel too much like lead.

theres feathers and stones
in my feeling bones
laughter and tears
in this body i use to roam.
Track Name: bones in the sands of time
bones buried in sand
marrow steeped in this land

tred lightly
this worlds made of many graves
in wilds and in cages

theres blood in the soil
it lingers like oil

sands in the hour glas
shift and forever last
its quickness unbearing, unbridled
as sediments they crack
ever hard to grasp

and earthen bones shake
they rattle n dont break

hallow ground
beneath our feet
spirits bound
but still they speak

in life in our veins
brief but retained

as we, were corporeal
flesh made of death
in moments everlasting
yet fragile, imperminent
Track Name: ocean wakes
ocean wakes
seas change
water on the rocks
splash and spray

a high wind bellows
the sun, it shines
your body's like the sea
flow over me
theres salt in the air
salt in your hair