Lullabies & American Heresy

by Minor Cat

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released February 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Minor Cat Drain, Oregon

Outsider Folkist, dabbler, doer, dreamer, DIYer, dork of many trades...

anarcha queer intersectionalist
and shy small town songbird.

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Track Name: Gnostic Water
there is knowledge in the water
we drink the notes it sustains
we listen to its streaming whispers
and watch the graces of its rain
and the violence of its rapids
life grown in its pools
our blood it holds wisdom
its tides they churn in our pulse
and were possessed
by powers
in the currents in our veins
but were obsessed
with the shallow
eddies in our brains
theres mana in its nature
it alivens and eminates
it cleanses with its
pains and pleasures
it empassions and envigorates
its price tags on our future
its rights dictate our fate
watersheds its blessings
as wells of wishes run dry
as the climates are changing
with static in our mind
as politics are making
unsustainable designs
Track Name: Tender Aching
tender aching
for more than touch
slowly breaking
under weight too much

gears they grind
in a body blind
machines break the soil
spill blood like oil

in traditions of oppression
desecration and oblivion

inheritance of bad blood
poisoned struggles
and toxic mud

the times are changing
we will sink like stones
like tethered witches
under tyrants tomes

tender aching for justice, rage
violence breaking free our cage
Track Name: Die Cast and Fallen
the die are cast and fallen
somber, we sit and wait
to see whos games are failing
in systems and the state

as barons rise,
the nation sleeps
as open eyes see terror
and weep

the dogs of war unleashed,
for decades have been at large
as chariots of beasts
speed swiftly and charge

chaos raging
sights unseen
as news harolds tidings
ever lean

and we are gagged
and ruled
to the truth

justicia wears an oculus
society spectates
as media informs us
but does not educate

no serephim decend
on poisoned pipelines bled

and blood is spilled, it is blue
it is red and white, too.
Track Name: On a Tightrope
on a tightrope again
trying to stay moderate
the party lines on which youre walking gerrymand it all
fear of man, fear of falling keep you shackled to a wall
suspended above the void
trying to keep from falling in
margins of historic boundries
keep you on a string
puppets of their own causes
on a broken bridge in swing
is there no other option?
to jump ship and dive on in?
the void needs illumination
to see whats really within
dark ages of fear
are still alive and right here
xenophobic monsters in us
shadows in a cave
to hunt a witch to hunt demons
to scapegoat and to save
will we ever make amense?
with the void inside us all?
can we ever trust to cut our ties?
can we learn to trust and fall?
this tightrope is a noose
this tightrope is a tether
to dystopia, colonization
the structures that be
to nations, and civilization
and global pagentry
will there ever be an end?
are we cursed to push this boulder?
up the seven layers of hell?
are we cursed to be destroyers?